Masterful medical translation

German and English into French

Are you looking to launch a new anti-cancer drug or a new medical device for diabetes care on the French-speaking market?

From your leaflets to your instructions, brochures to your websites, I can help you communicate with your target clientele and cement long-term partnerships through clear and coherent translations.


I provide professional medical translation for the following types of documents:

Drug leaflets
(EMA and Swissmedic)
Informed consent
Audit reports
Operating procedures
Instructions for use
Security reports, risk analysis, production documentation
Material safety data sheet
Scientific papers
Study reports
Marketing materials
(drugs, devices)
Information brochures for patients and for health providers
Press releases
Annual reports
Academic works

Why medical translation matters

Medicine is a delicate topic that demands expert knowledge and experience.

Asking a French-speaking friend or colleague to translate pharmaceutical materials may seem like a smart (and affordable!) idea. The truth is, it’s a perilous one.

Without an extensive understanding of the medical industry itself, of the regulations that apply and of the precise terminology, it is impossible to carry out a reliable translation. It is also hard to inspire trust and confidence in readers when your materials are peppered with mistakes or make little sense.

I have a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences and ten years’ experience in the industry.

To ensure that your leaflets, instructions and annual reports give a correct picture and instil confidence in your French-speaking clients, hand over your materials to me.

As a native French speaker, I know what your audience expects and what will turn heads. I will, therefore, certify that your text combines concision with clarity and consistency to incite a positive reaction to your product/s.

You’ve already invested so much time and money into your brand. Don’t put all of that at stake with one poor translation.

The translation process

Now for an overview of how my translation process works:



tell me about your project: languages, format, deadline, other mission particularities, as the availability of a glossary. Once a NDA signed, send me your documents.


Cost estimate

receive an estimation for the project and its delivery date (within 24 hours during the week!).



We agree on the terms and delivery date.



I gather all the materials I need, including glossaries and client documents as reference to perform the translation.



I translate your materials thoroughly while taking the characteristics of the project and of your needs into consideration.


Revision and proofreading

I ensure no error has occurred and formatting, grammar, terminology and tone are all as they should be to deliver the message you want to convey to your clients and the image you want to present.


Quality checks

in addition to human revision and proofreading, different quality checks guarantee a perfect translation.



you will receive your translation together with any relevant additional information or recommendation.



if you have any questions or would like anything changing, I will do it.


Administrative closing

the end of this project’s process, but certainly not the end of our partnership.

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Would you like to work with me?

If you need a medical translation that inspires trust in the French audience, I am the person to hire.

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